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Local Partners - NO ANONYMOUS FOOD!

We are proud to partner with these local farms and suppliers:




BLACKWELL ROOTS FARM Located in nearby Cabot, this family-owned farm specializes in organic winter storage veggies and lacto-fermented foods (sauerkraut & kimchi).

HIGH MOWING ORGANIC SEEDS A huge variety of heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid varieties of vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seed, many of which are grown on their 40 acre farm.

LITTLEWOOD FARM Organic veggies & strawberries for over 20 years and from right here in Plainfield.

DWIGHT MILLER ORCHARDS From Dummerston, eight generations of the Miller family have long been dedicated to growing (now) organic pears and apples galore.  They also operate a cidery and make excellent cider vinegar.

CATE FARM When they're in season, the world's tastiest (organic) tomatoes...ever! In an effort to minimize their carbon footprint, their home and seven greenhouses are heated with biodiesel, which all their tractors (except for the electric one) run on.

RHAPSODY NATURAL FOODS An innovative small family-run business organization with a big vision that includes tempeh & amazake (a fermented rice drink), smoothies, and maple syrup-sweetened goodies produced on their Cabot farm.  They may even still do macrobiotic cooking classes.

VERMONT COMPOST COMPANY High-quality composts and living soil mixes created by organic crop growing professionals, made and mixed in Montpelier.

WELLSPRING FARM CSA This Marshfield Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) reconnects people with the farms producing their food. Before the growing season, members pay an annual fee to help meet the farm's early season expenses; in return, they receive a weekly seasonal bounty of produce, herbs, and flowers at prices below typical retail - and with the added benefit of being a steward of local farmland.


BUTTERWORKS FARM Located in the mountains of Westfield, this working farm has been organic for a quarter century, and is totally self-sufficient, growing all the food that their cows eat, including corn, oats, barley, soybeans, and alfalfa.  Since 1975, during their first days as homesteaders with just a family cow, they have made their yogurt right on the farm.

CABOT CREAMERY A 1,350 farm family dairy cooperative based in Vermont with members sprinkled throughout New England and New York.

GRAFTON VILLAGE CHEESE COMPANY Award-winning aged artisan cheddar cheese that is handcrafted from premium cow milk from small Vermont family farms.

GREENFIELD HIGHLAND BEEF Highland Cattle raised on rugged hillside family farms in Greensboro Bend and Plainfield for over 40 years. Delicious, healthful, USDA certified Grass-fed & -finished. Yum.

MISTY KNOLL FARMS Free-range turkeys, naturally-raised chickens & healthy poultry products, like backs and necks for your housepets.

NEIGHBORLY FARMS OF VERMONT A family-owned dairy farm nestled in the rolling hills of Randolph Center, Vermont, which decorates the countryside with its red barn and white post and beam farmhouse built in the 1800s. Oh, and the organic & all-natural cheddars, feta and Monterey Jack taste fabulous!

STRAFFORD ORGANIC CREAMERY A complete line of glass-bottled milk – skim, 1%, 2%, whole, chocolate & old-fashioned cream-line – and delicious ice cream, made weekly in small batches using the highest quality organic ingredients, including handpicked mint & black raspberries, and fresh-ground coffee.

SUGAR MOUNTAIN FARM Humanely raised pigs that are certified Naturally Grown and pastured on hay, whey and other good foods from lovely Topsham, VT.


BOHEMIAN BREAD Run by two foodies who renounced the venti lattes and Range Rovers of the big city and bought a farm in Calais. They make their delicious bread by hand using a French long-fermentation technique and bake it in a wood-fired brick oven.

LA PANCIATA Delish local Toscano, a crusty, chewy Italian bread, plus hard rolls, olive and pesto loaves, and pannarino, a rich bread with rosemary in it.  Baked and brought to us from Northfield.

O BREAD BAKERY Family owned and operated for 30 years. Using organic ingredients, they create European-style breads in their hearth oven bakery at Shelburne Farms. They have been at it since 1977- a decade or so ahead of the current surge of interest in artisan breads.

PATCHWORK FARM & BAKERY East Hardwick's organic artisan breads baked in wood fired oven.

THE MANGHIS BREAD Lauded on Yelp as "fan-damn-tastic" and beyond compare for their "tender-crusted scrumptiousness." Find them in downtown Montpelier.


BOYDEN VALLEY Part of a fourth generation Cambridge farm producing, "Big Barn Red", a bold red wine, elegant Vermont white wines, and "Vermont Ice", the premier line of Vermont ice wines.

ROCK ART BREWERY Created by a beer-loving couple from Morrisville who are also the duo behind Hourglass Ale, made exclusively for Stowe Mountain Lodge.

SHELBURNE VINEYARD Since they planted their first vines in 1998 - with a harvest in Fall 2000 - they have maintained organic certification by NOFA-VT and produced award-winning varieties, including Cayuga, LaCrescent, Louise Swenson, Marquette, St Croix, Riesling, Traminette, Vidal, Vignoles, and Zweigelt.

TROUT RIVER BREWING Unfiltered premium ales and lagers from the Lyndonville.  Signature beers include Rainbow Red Ale, their flagship brew (American style ale), Scottish Ale (traditional), Hoppin' Mad Trout, and Chocolate Oatmeal Stout (dark & delish).

VERMONT COFFEE COMPANY A small-town roaster located in Middlebury, on the edge of the Green Mountains, where they treat 100% certified-organic & fair-trade coffees like fresh produce, shipping the day after roasting.

OTTER CREEK BREWING Certified-organic ales and beers made in small batches using the best domestic malt and hops available.  Also from Middlebury.


LAKE CHAMPLAIN CHOCOLATES Over 25 years of fresh, all-natural gourmet chocolates including truffles, chocolate gifts, gourmet hot cocoa, and the ever-popular Chocolate of the Month Club.

NUTTY STEPH'S A former math teacher, Steph uses a crafty blend of human hands, maple syrup and whole nourishing nuts to create the world's most delicious granola, dark chocolate granola bars and shockingly delectable trail mix.  Go see her chocolate shop(pe?) in the old Camp Meade complex in Middlesex, right next to Red Hen Bakery!


BEES DANCE MEDICINAL HERB FARM 1174 Will Grimes Rd. Hyde Park, VT 05655. Call 1.802.888.8589 or email: beesdans@together.net.

ELMORE MOUNTAIN FARM Natural body care goodies produced in a 200 year old farm house tucked up against the side of Elmore Mountain in northern Vermont. They use pure essential oils and 100% natural ingredients, along with their own goat's milk to make their signature Vermont Goat's Milk Soap, as well as bubble bath, body oil, shampoo, face cream and lip balm.

SEVENTH GENERATION A Vermont-based leader in green cleaning products - non-chlorine bleached and 100% recycled paper towels and products; non-toxic, phosphate-free cleaning, dish and laundry products; plastic trash bags made from recycled plastic; chlorine-free baby diapers, training pants, and baby wipes.

VERMONT BEE BALM Body butter and balms crafted from locally-sourced golden yellow beeswax which contain natural oils to safely heal cracked and sensitive skin, eczema, and psoriasis.

VERMONT SOAPWORKS Whether you're looking to wash yourself, your pet, your yoga mat, or general environment, these certified-organic cold-process bar soaps, liquid soaps, shower gels, and non-toxic cleaners are made from food-grade ingredients and a wonderful alternative to irritating, chemical and detergent based personal care products.

ST. JOHNSBURY PAPER COMPANY Not the biggest, but definitely one of the best! Family owned and located in, yes, St. Johnsbury.

ZACK WOODS HERB FARM A sustainable organic farm that provides the highest quality medicinal herbs available.