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Local Food Economies Can Feed Us All
by Karen Starr

Local is such a catch word these days it's hard to know just what it means or if it has any real value. It's been adopted by various characters including farmers, hipsters, retail outlets, permaculturalists, and "those damn hippies." So what's the deal?...

Apples to Apples
by Debra Stoleroff

It's autumn and we had an amazing apple season with bumper crop of fruit.  Now it's time to make applesauce, dried apples, apple jelly, apple pie and even soups with apples.   But — which apples are best for which recipe.  Use this chart to help you sort your apples...

Cooperatives and the Environment
by Joseph Gainza

How are the Global Ends of the Plainfield Co-op beneficial for the environment?  In the policy governance model under which the Co-op operates "global ends" are what the rest of the world calls goals...

President's Report – August 2015
by Gail Falk

For years, cooperative groceries have ridden the national wave of growing appreciation for organic, locally grown food.  But recently for-profit stores have caught on to this growing market, and co-operatives around the country, large and small, are feeling the pinch...

Management Report
by Karen Starr

Well it seems summer finally arrived about 5 minutes ago. The tomatoes and corn are basking in that warm sun, but many of us are sweating a little bit after the cool spring...

Treasurer's Report
by Bob Fancher

The results for the first half of 2015 are in and the Co-op is still doing well financially. Sales are 2.8% above 2014 sales...

Immortal Trash
by Glenda Bissex

In coastal villages in Japan the traditional way to dispose of trash was to take it down to the beach at low tide.  Trash was a broken basket, spoiled food, worn-out straw sandals.  The next day the high tide would have washed the trash out to sea...

Harvest Delights

Menu from Daniel Marcus and Amba Connors of Wild Bee Farm
Wine pairings from Nancy Ellen of the Plainfield Co-op...


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