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The Flowering of Our Co-op
President's Report by Gail Falk

We are entering 2015 in a strong financial position (see the Annual Financial Report).  Membership is increasing, we have been able to give our hard-working staff a raise, and this spring our owner-members will receive a dividend of 1% of the amount of their purchases in 2014...

Plainfield Co-op 2014 Annual Financial Report
by Bob Fancher, Treasurer

A Year of Change

In January of 2014, the Plainfield Co-op changed the way it was structured. In prior years, the Co-op was a membership organization where members paid dues for a year and in return members were given a discount on their purchases. Starting in 2014, as a result of voting at the Annual Membership meeting in 2012, the Co-op changed to an Equity based organization. Now Member-Owners purchase a share of the Co-op. Each Member-Owner purchases one share. This is a one-time purchase that can be paid once for $180 or spread out over a period of years (with a minimum of $20 per year)...

What's New in the Co-op Store?
by Karen Starr

This year has been a regular New England winter with plenty of snow and a good dose of freezing temperatures to go with it. It's also been a busy cold and flu season, and folks have been stocking up on medicinal teas and elixirs. Kathleen has been sealing up various drafts as they've made themselves known throughout the store. The entryway has definitely benefited from her attention. Thank you, Kathleen!...

by Kris Gruen, Station Manager

This is one in a continuing series of articles about organizations that serve our community. For more information about WGDR, including its program schedule, go to wgdr.org.

As it enters its 42 year, WGDR is continuing the development and implementation of Best Community Radio practices, both on and off the air. Many of these practices have been part and parcel of GDR's experience all along, while others are brand new, both to the college and to our regular listenership. New tools like Unattended Operation, and new initiatives like our credit bearing academic programs (True Stories and Indie Kingdom) are driving a shift in culture and service. This is requiring the WGDR community to examine motivations on the air, within the college, and throughout its listening area of Central Vermont...

Plainfield Co-op Communication Committee
by Karen Starr

The Committee has met three times as a full group and twice each as Media and Outreach focus groups. There is also a small focus group of two who will be working with buyers on in-store informational signage. The committee is an enthusiastic and creative group comprised of about a dozen folks including board members, members, and management collective members. One of the best things about the group is that it's large enough that people can work on things that are of particular interest to them. Members are: Bob Fancher, Joseph Gainza, Alex Thayer, Art Chickering, and Karla Hass Moskowitz from the board; Adrienne Allison, Sarah Norton, Angella Gibbons and Jamie Spector from the membership; Glenda Bissex, editor of the newsletter (Joseph and Karen are also on that committee); and Karen Starr and Chloe Budnick from the staff and management collective. Cindy Wyckoff, a local graphic designer also plans to participate at future meetings. We are hoping that Karen can bring Joey Klein to the next meeting as well since he has voiced an interest. A big thanks to everyone for their commitment and contributions!...

Building a More Sustainable, Co-operative Future Together
by Erbin Crowell

Imagine what our world could look like if business was driven by our ideals. What if economic success was measured not by market value or how much profit was generated for investors, but by our ability to provide ourselves with the goods and services we need to live meaningful lives in our communities? What if people around the world saw themselves as the answer to our shared social and economic challenges?...

Spring Teas
by Dorothy Wallace

Beneath the frozen ruts and plowed-up banks, beneath the leafless trees and strata of snow, lies spring. Frogs and dragonfly larva suspended at the bottom of the ponds. Fiddleheads and buds curled snug, just waiting. Seeds, holding tight until the time is right.

We, too, wait—patiently or not—for stronger sun, melting ice, robin song, and the first snowdrops peeking out. We crave color for our spirits. Purple crocus. Red maple bud. Yellow dandelion. Greens, fresh from the garden greens, for our bodies. But wait we must...


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