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The Cooperative Difference

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About This Newsletter

Our theme is "The Cooperative Difference."...

What Does "Sustaining the Environment" Mean?
by Board President Gail Falk

I love this time of year, when the produce bins gradually change over from citrus and vegetables grown faraway, to local greens grown just up the road, such as Robin Taylor's lettuce and Annie Reed's asparagus.  We are truly moving into the salad days!...

Good News from our Treasurer
by Bob Fancher

We are starting 2015 with some great financial results. The first quarter results show we are still growing and still keeping operating costs down...

What's Happening at the Store?
by Karen Starr

The trees are budding out, people are climbing out of their winter clothes, gardeners are thinking we might actually have a garden season, and I'm pretty sure I heard Chimney Swifts over the village last night! The store has reemerged from underneath the snow banks in all its dishabille. However, Kathleen Hayes and Janice Walrafen will soon be setting that to rights as Janice cleans up the yard and Kathleen attends to various building repairs. Kathleen will also be applying the final finishes to our new sign to make it more visible and beautiful. We want to remind folks that there is a community picnic table behind the store down by the river.  It's a lovely place to just chill with your morning or afternoon coffee...

Read Your Receipt(or What Your Receipt Can Tell You)
by Gail Falk

If you're like me, you're probably in the habit of saying "No thanks" when the cashier at the Plainfield Co-op asks whether you want your receipt. It's time to change your habit. That receipt--the itemized one--has lots of information that can help you be a more thoughtful shopper...

The Role of a Small Co-op in Our Community
Joey Klein

Certainly the most basic purpose of our cooperative grocery is to serve the food needs and desires of the members.  Basic foods at reasonable prices, organically grown if possible and affordable are core purpose.  But a small health food store could do this as well.  What does our cooperative business model have to offer that makes it important in the life of our community?...

Why I Work at the Co-op

I work at the Co-op because I love it! I get to see my friends and my community every day. My job is always different -- never a dull moment!...

Why I Love Working at the Plainfield Co-op
by Karen Starr

My love for food co-ops was sealed forever at the first co-op I joined in Wellfleet, Ma. in 1972. Monica, a teacher I worked with, and I went for my first pick up. As we waited in line, a 6 year old who had been absent that day was helping to distribute people's orders. I told him we had missed him in class, but he just shrugged comfortably in his little striped overalls and said, "I had a lot of important things to do today." And since that moment, I have always known that he was absolutely right! Food is important; it is in many ways the center of our lives and the life of our communities...

What Yogurt Should I Buy?
by Gail Falk

Choosing a container of yogurt these days can be daunting, given the many varieties and the claims on the labels. This article describes the properties of the milk that goes into the yogurt sold at the Co-op and how the yogurt is made...

Early Summer Menu
by Daniel Marcus and Amba Connors from Wild Bee Farm

Pappardelle with Asparagus and Spinach
Fresh Green Salad with Shallot Dressing
Spice-braised Rhubarb with vanilla ice cream...


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