Winter 2015 Newsletter

Rosamond Wallstrom and Dragon Domino carry the Co-op banner in the Old Home Day parade.
Photo credit: Bram Towbin

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About This Newsletter

This issue reflects the continuing and intensified efforts by the Co-op staff to support VERMONT farms and businesses--meat producers, cheese makers, and bakers. It also reflects other dimensions of our LOCAL co-operative activities--with Twin Valley Senior Center, with other co-ops, and internally the Board and Management Collective working more closely together...

Report from Our Very Active Board
by Gail Falk, President

The Board was sad to say farewell to two dedicated staff and MC members – Erica Brosserman and Mike Peabody.  It has been a challenge for the MC to replace their many skills and contributions to the Co-op, and we wish them well in the next chapters of their lives...

Co-op Still Growing
by Bob Fancher, Treasurer

We have received the third quarter results for 2015 and they show that the Co-op is still doing well financially and still growing. The Sales for the first 9 months of the year have increased 3.28% over 2014. Adjusted for inflation, that increase changes to 1.25%, which still shows us growing this year...

Economic Justice and the Plainfield Co-op
by Joseph Gainza

"Economic justice" is a general term which can mean many things, but basically it refers to a distribution of, and access to the necessary elements of a dignified life: food, shelter, health care, adequate income, meaningful relationships...

Aware of What We Eat: Meat and Animal Products
by Karen Starr

I eat meat. I have even raised and slaughtered animals in the past, yet for many years I was a vegetarian. Taking life for me has always been a serious and harrowing responsibility, one that is present for me whether I'm eating chicken from the co-op display case or an animal I've personally slaughtered. Equally important to me are the living conditions of the animals that become or produce my food. Unfortunately, the situation on most of America's "farms" these days is enough to make anyone with even a minimum of awareness rage and weep...

Local meat producers: "Know your farmer. Know your meat."
by Glenda Bissex

"Society is closing a circle and returning to a radical concept: nature has the best ideas. In the long run, nature's models are the only ones that are truly sustainable ecologically and economically.  Raising grazing animals on grass, especially if they are herded in a natural manner, is a model that works unquestionably for the health of the land, its people, and its animals."  - Courtney White, Executive Director, The Quivira Coaliton...

Grandma Esther's Stuffed Cabbage
By Debra Stoleroff

My Grandma Esther was famous for her split pea soup, bagelech (kind of a baked blintz), pot roast and stuffed cabbage.  Apparently stuffed cabbage was traditionally served for the holiday of Sukkot (the Jewish autumn harvest festival) but she made them regularly as an appetizer to her main course (usually roast chicken or a pot roast).  When asking for a recipe, everyone said, "there isn't one", then proceeded to tell me how to make them.  This recipe is a compilation of what I gathered from my relatives...

Winter Menu
from Daniel Marcus and Amba Connors of Wild Bee Farm

Squash, Carrot, Ginger & Almond Bisque

There was* a wonderful restaurant in Middletown Ct. called It's Only Natural, known far and wide as ION.  It was started back in the days of hippie macrobiotic restaurants and in fact you could get really fine macro meals there.  In our Michio Kushi days it was a joy to be spared the many hours of preparation that this type of food requires and sit down to a meal prepared by others...


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