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President's Report, August 2016
by Gail Falk

By the time this newsletter comes out, you will have seen copies of the Co-op's Strategic Plan in the store or on our website, or at our August Public Forum.  It's taken nearly a year to complete the study and listening necessary to write our Plan.  We are grateful for the hard work of the Strategic Planning committee: Michael Billingsley, Bob Fancher, Dawn Fancher, Petra Gates, Ryan Gillard, and Karla Haas Moskowitz.  As we head into the fall, the Board is ready to finish planning, and to start working to make our plan real...

Treasurer's Report
Bob Fancher

2016 Second Quarter. Our year-to-date Sales are up 1.3% over the same period last year after adjustment for inflation. Our Gross Profit on those Sales is a healthy 35%...

Missing Jeri Healey

Word has slowly trickled out that our community lost a treasure sometime in May.  The date and time was not known to many of us because this treasure, true to his humble nature, chose to pass without recognition or notice.  He wanted no funeral, no obituary, no memorial.  But, Jeri Healey, you were dear and important to us. We mourn your passing. You are missed.  Your absence is palpable...

Management Report
Karen Starr

Hard to believe August is here and gone! It's been a dry summer overall and only with the last couple of rainstorms has the Great Brook swelled to normal proportions. Across the Northeast, scarce rain sent bears and squirrels into folks' back yards looking for food and provided more excitement than we are used to...

Showing Up at the Plainfield Co-op
by Bram Towbin

Joey Klein and Betsy Ziegler's lettuce.  The Colman-Wiswall family tomatoes and their son, Peter Colman's charcuterie.  Jack and Anne Lazor's yogurt.  Nutty Steph's chocolate.  Sharon Peck's goat cheese. Annie Bakst and Robert Hunt's wood-fired bread.  Janice Walrafen's art tiles.  The Plainfield Co-op is filled with our food, our art, our people...

Plainfield Co-op Supports Our Community
by Chloe Budnick

As a buyer for the Cheese and Bakery departments, I am amazed at the local options I have to fill our shelves with...and I do!  100% of our bakery department is local and many items are hand delivered by the producer themselves.  I get to meet these creative folks and even help taste test new products--I do love my job!...

Public Forum on the Co-op's Strategic Plan
by Gail Falk

The roll-out of the Co-op's Strategic Plan took place August 26. Members, staff, and the public were invited to react to, comment upon, and sign up to participate in the Plan's four Goals...

PLAINFIELD COMMUNITY CENTER: Part of a Vibrant Community
Glenda Bissex

For many years before the Plainfield Co-op bought its building in 1972 from the Ivy Grange, formal, private Grange meetings were held in the upstairs space.  A grange,  according to Wikipedia, is "a fraternal organization that encourages families to band together to promote the economic and political well-being of the community and agriculture." The Ivy Grange's ways may have been different from the young co-op's ways, but our hearts were in the same place.


Baked Sliced Apples and Zuchinni Pancakes...

For your consideration: on buildings and businesses
by Ian Maas

I know there has been some recent talk again about trying to put an addition onto our Co-op. It would be great to expand the retail space, make the store more accessible and improve the functionality of the space. I do not, however, think it would be a great idea to dig deeper into this current space with a big investment without at least considering the idea of building new in a better location...


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