Winter 2016 Newsletter

"Co-op to the Core"

Wilmer Brandt 1920-2016

Connected to the Land and the Community

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President's Report
by Gail Falk

Two wonderful community members – Sarah Phillips and Jean Hamilton – have recently joined the Board.  They have brought us great energy and experience, and will smooth the transition next spring...

Treasurer's Report
by Bob Fancher

2016 Third Quarter. 2016 is turning out to be somewhat disappointing from a financial standpoint...

Wilmer - Beloved Community Member, Mentor and Elder
by Angella Gibbons

Wilmer was the first to harvest blackberries in our patch every year, except this one. In late August, just a few short months before his last breath, I drove Wilmer to our patch. My ninety-six year old friend and neighbor, with one hand on his cane, the other for picking, placed each berry in a bucket strapped to his belt. I watched Wilmer more closely than ever that day, loving him for his attention to, and care for, what is important in this world...

Wilmer and the Co-op

Wilmer had many connections to the Co-op--as a member, Board member, producer--not the least of which was trench-digger, as recalled by Ellen Bresler, Co-op Manager at the time. In those days...

Management Report
by Karen Starr

We've been blessed with a mild fall so far, but many of us are looking forward to some real snow this winter to recharge the rivers, streams, and the springs that feed many of our wells. And then there's all the fun to be had with the white stuff!...

Affordability – How Are We Doing?
by Gail Falk

Every month, the Management Collective reports to the Board about how well it has carried out the Co-op's Ends and Policies.  The MC reports at least once a year on each End and Policy, and the Board gets reports on the store's financial condition four times a year. We especially look forward to the reports on the Ends...


Save Money, Save Food
by Glenda Bissex

This is an especially foody time of year, with holidays and cold weather making us eat more. We buy more food and we can also waste more food. Throwing away food is throwing away money; but there are many ways of using leftovers, whether vegetables, meat, or bread...

The Role of Co-ops in Strengthening Vermont's Food System
by Erica Campbell

I fondly remember the Plainfield Co-op growing up in the 70s. At that time it was mainly a buying club, and we'd pack our glass jars and burlap bags with dried beans, oats, and other bulk fare and head back to our small homestead in Walden. While co-ops originally focused on providing communities with natural and organic foods, they've also been huge supporters of the Vermont food system—well before the term 'localvore' was used...  


Winter Menu
by Daniel Marcus and Amba Connors

Yes, it's cold and the beginning of a winter that will last who knows how long.  Let's get together with friends and have a nice warming dinner together and talk about great books and poetry and movies and stuff.

Hot Borscht with Sour Cream
Leek Fritters
Salad with Bob Fisher's Dressing
Winter Squash Pie...


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