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President's Report
by Jean Hamilton

Oh the apple! It's lovely to see so many of the apple trees in their full and abundant expressions this season. This edition of the newsletter offers us an opportunity to celebrate the harvest and how the Plainfield Co-op strengthens our local communities around good food.  My gratitude to all the members who have contributed their reflections to this season's newsletter...

Treasurer's Report
Bob Fancher

2017 Second Quarter. It was another great quarter at the Co-op. It is clear now that we are back on the road to financial health. Our Sales for January through June are 6% higher than 2016 and 3% over budget! These number alone show that we are healthy and growing. But, there are even more great numbers...

What's in Your Lunchbox?

It's back to school season.  To get some tips on healthy, practical lunches and snacks,
we talked to Lauren Cleary, mother of four school-aged children...

New Local Products
by Gail Falk

The Co-op is always on the lookout for new local products and vendors.  Here are a few of our recently added local products...

Fall Management Report
by Karen Starr

Nationally, it has been a turbulent Summer, finishing up with flooding in Texas that left us in Vermont feeling fortunate, but also a little apprehensive about predictions of a future of increased rainfall for our little state. As it is, farmers struggled with both bounty and some deleterious effects of a very rainy growing season this year. The berry harvest was spectacular, but crops susceptible to mildews and in need of lots of sun had a harder time. The strawberry crop was an early casualty as production was way down. But overall, we've had a pretty comfortable year so far, escaping heat and wildfires as well as torrential rain and flooding. And now we are entering into what is a favorite season for many of us. Fall, for me, has always had the bitter sweetness of the passing Summer and the crisp awakeness of coming Winter...

Co-ops: A Bigger Picture, Part 2
by Giordano Checchi

A Board member shares his inspiring vision of a society guided by cooperative princples...

Hard Cider
by Gail Falk

Have you wondered about those designer cans and bottles of cider that have been finding a place recently in our beer cooler and on the wine shelves? It's not the sweet apple cider you may remember from Hallowe'en parties of old. Together with craft beer, hard cider is the fastest growing segment of the alcoholic beverage market...

Fruits of the Vine; Fruits of Trees; Fruits of Our Labor Recipes
from Debra Stoleroff

I am not a lover of apples.  Unlike most of the people I know I don't hanker for apple cider, sauce or pie.  But years ago, when Andrea made apple cake for dessert at a dinner gathering, I had to ask her to share her recipe.   It is delicious...


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