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President's Report
by Gail Falk

The Board and Management Collective are looking forward to talking with our members at Annual Meeting on April 2.  For this year's Annual Meeting, we have not scheduled a performer or a guest speaker, because we want to spend all our time together focusing on the current status of the Co-op and growing into the future...

Plainfield Co-op 2016 Annual Review
by Bob Fancher, Treasurer

Challenging Year

2016 was a financially challenging year at the Plainfield Co-op...

Pillars of the Plainfield Co-op: Randy Keaney
by Glenda Bissex

Two grey geese announce my arrival in Randy's Maple Hill driveway.  Two elegant chickens, black with large silver dots, scurry around. From behind a fence three horses quietly gaze at me--like the horses in so much of Randy's art. But I'm here to talk with her about her many years with our Co-op...

Management Report
by Karen Starr

This winter finally brought us some gorgeous snowfall, a welcome change from the various varieties of frozen sleet and rain we've become more familiar with the last few years. Recently I sat in the living room with my rabbits Peter and Bianca watching the snow fall quietly and feeling myself to be the most fortunate person in the world. With so much that's difficult going on in the world, it's important to take a few minutes of appreciation for the good things in our lives before getting on with whatever projects we're involved with. One of the things I feel most grateful for in this little town is the Plainfield Co-op...

Marketing and Outreach to Grow our Co-op
by Joseph Gainza

Just as the rest of the country is experiencing unsettling times, so is your Co-op. The difference is, that while it will take sustained action of millions of people across the US to set things right in our nation, our Plainfield Food Co-op community can turn things around by simply living our values and taking responsibility for the food we consume and from whom we buy it.  It may not be obvious but by building up our Co-op and the larger cooperative movement, we can be countering some of the worst economic and environmental effects of the actions of our national government...

Early Spring Menu
from Amba Connors and Daniel Marcus of Wild Bee Farm
wine pairings by Nancy Ellen

Rice-Spinach Timbales with Mushroom Sauce
Spring Green Salad with Maple Balsamic Dressing
Apple Bread Pudding...


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