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Outgoing Presiden's Report
by Gail Falk

When I think back over my six and a half years on the Board, I am impressed both with our little store's stability in the face of the strong winds of competition and also the many ways we have adapted and grown into our mission as a cooperative neighborhood grocery and community center...

Incoming President's Report
by Jean Hamilton

After four years of highly enjoyable shopping at the Co-op, I am honored to be the new Board President.  I joined the Board last fall to fill a vacant seat and was voted in at the annual meeting in April.  We all benefitted from Gail Falk's years of Board leadership, and I am very grateful for her ongoing assistance during this transition...

Treasurer's Report
by Bob Fancher

2017 First Quarter. The news from the first quarter of 2017 is much, much better than it was at the end of 2016...

Annual Meeting 2017
by Gail Falk

The 2017 Annual Meeting at Twin Valley Senior Center on April 2 was a great success in many ways.  Attendance was more than twice that of the 2016 meeting. The afternoon was filled with lively discussion and important information for and from our members. As one participant said, "Lots of people spoke up and nobody whined."...

New Co-op Board Members

The Co-op Board of Directors has three new members...

Management Report
by Karen Starr

Spring has proceeded at a slow pace this year, lots of gray skies, cold, and rain. Still, change is in the air and everyone is beginning to breathe a little sigh of relief at winter passing. Many of our visiting birds have arrived and nesting is underway as critters and people, aware of our short summer, try to pack in as much as possible. Gardens are started, housecleaning from the long winter carried out, modest picnics enjoyed out of doors in practice for the full extravagance when high summer arrives. The Winter Wrens and Chimney Swifts are back!...

Summer Recipes
by Debra Stoleroff

When I think of summer food I think of fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables grown in my garden or locally.   On hot days I want to eat cool and cold dishes.  Hopefully, these recipes will be as refreshing for you as they are for me...

Pillars of the Plainfield Co-op: Long-time Staff
by Glenda Bissex

From Dorothy Wallace, who has been with the Co-op 9 years, to Nancy Ellen, who has been here 19(!) years, we have staff who have stuck with us through some tough times as well as upbeat ones.  These are the people who, as Karen Starr says, "hold the history of the institution."  With only long-time staffers, the Co-op could become a fossil; with only new staff, an unstable ship.  We need you all.  But now we salute the longest committed and most experienced hands...

Repairing and Updating our Building to Secure the Future
by Sarah Phillips

The Co-op's recently completed strategic planning process revealed that both members and non-members favored increasing the store size, making the store and Community Center accessible to all and undertaking a building project, even if the project required a loan.  A 2014 in-depth building survey by the Building Committee revealed some major projects that are either costly or interconnected with an expansion and larger upgrades.  The Strategic Plan calls for a master building plan which takes into account a variety of long-term building needs.

Building and store needs include…

Co-ops: A Bigger Picture, Part 1
by Giordano Checchi

A Board member shares his inspiring vision of a society guided by cooperative values. This is only the beginning--stay tuned for more in future newsletters.

Our cozy Co-op is most definitely the warmest place in a chilly winter and the most welcoming place on any other day of the calendar.   It is also an astonishing source of good food and groceries, and one shall wonder how the management is able to fit so many products in such a small space.  There is a bit of everything and a bit for every taste.  A dream that is real, in a world driven by one single value: money.  Instead, the impact our co-op has on the local community, the center point of its very existence, touches values that go well beyond and high above the arid value of money.  It provides for the members and the community, it helps those that have limited resources, it is an outlet for the products of local farmers and suppliers, it builds relationships, it is a forum for opinions and ideas, it is a diverse way to run a business, and a living example of a great alternative way to approach business in general.  Let us keep it the dream it is.  Yes?...


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