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President's Report
by Jean Hamilton

My astrological friends tell me that recent months have been cosmically aligned to support deep examination, reimagining and setting new courses. I can't claim to know anything about astrology, but I am interested to see these dynamic movements at play in myself, this community, and in so many larger social and political paradigms. Evolution is the stuff of life: exciting and rewarding, but also painful as we uncover old wounds, stretch new muscles and feel the anxieties about an unknown future...

Plainfield Co-op 2017 Annual Review
by Bob Fancher, Treasurer

Back on Track
I am happy to say that 2017 was a much better year than 2016. We made a profit in 2017 and our Sales increased 3.7% to $1.16M!  The year was exceptionally strong through September and we were making record profits. Then in October/November we hit a slump and our Sales and profit dropped way down. December picked up again and we finished the year strong with a modest profit...

Bob Fancher, Working Member

Bob Fancher has not been with the Co-op an exceptionally long time; but in his five years as Board member, Treasurer, and tech expert he has contributed exceptionally and become a Pillar of the Plainfield Co-op. As he now leaves most of these responsibilities (though he will continue to provide tech help and financial advice), we give our thanks to Bob Fancher--to quote a former Board member--"a good man."...

The Shifting Landscape of Food Insecurity
by Karen Starr

Food insecurity is a new term for an old problem, one that is not going away any time soon...

Management Report
by Karen Starr

This time of year is always a midpoint of something. We're just not always sure what. One minute there's snow, the next rain, mini mud seasons, and stunningly crisp night skies followed by snow evaporating into clouds of low hanging mist. It's felt a little like that at the store the last couple of months as well...

Co-op Profiles

Some of the people you could meet at the Co-op...

How Is Your Coffee Grown?
by Gail Falk

When we buy local foods, we can know directly how our food was raised.  If we are curious, we can visit a farm or talk to someone who knows the farmer. But all the world's coffee is grown thousands of miles away.

Spring Recipes
by Debra Stoleroff

Asparagus Soup with Lemon and Romano Cheese, Chai Tea and Sicilian Ricotta Cheesecake...

New Products - Oo La La
by Chloe

VT Frozen Dinners, Jimmy Kennedy's BBQ Sauce, Charcuterie, CBD chocolate Bars, and More...


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