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About This Newsletter

"Growing Season" is the theme of this issue. Local farmers are growing lovely green produce for us, soon to be followed by red (as in strawberries).  Our Co-op is growing through a new management structure that staff and Board together have been creating.  Find more in the following pages about these growings...

Letter from the President
by Jean Hamilton

Remember just a month ago when we were digging ourselves out of one last snow storm? And now…Green! Summer! Gardens! BBQs! Yeehaw! Some recent spring sightings I have enjoyed at the Co-op are:...

2018 Annual Meeting
by Gail Falk

Members, staff and friends of the Plainfield Co-op gathered on April 29 for the Co-op’s annual meeting.  Following guitar music by Doug Perkins, a potluck snack buffet, and a rousing paean to the Goddess of Fruit led by John Harrison, the group got down to business...

Meet our new Board members

Peter Boyle & James Hebert...

What Do You Think about the Co-op’s New Management Structure?
by Gail Falk

Nearly ten years ago, the Co-op undertook a bold change to its management structure.  Instead of running like most businesses, with a pyramid-shaped structure and a general manager at the top, the Co-op Board entrusted the management of the store to a group of staff who together were responsible for the Co-op’s success and who each had equal say in decisions. For many years, between seven and nine staff ran the store collectively; no major decisions were made without the agreement of all, and no member of the collective had individual authority over any other staff.  Collective members were all paid the same based on seniority. For many years the system functioned well, but recently a combination of factors caused a breakdown of the management collective’s ability to run the store effectively...

Introducing the Co-op's new General Manager, Kevin Levesque

To me, the Co-op is the heart of our village and the place where I first discovered our community...

Who's Paying for Your Strawberries? - The Bigger Picture
by Glenda Bissex

Conventionally raised strawberries are rated by the Environmental Working Group as  highest in pesticide residues of any fruit--residues you cannot wash off. Nearly 300 pounds of pesticies were applied to each acre of strawberries in California, where most fresh strawberries sold in the U.S. are grown...

Strawberry Recipes
from Debra Stoleroff

Every year one of my first garden tasks is to clean and mulch the strawberry bed.  I just can’t wait to pick the scrumptious berries. I love to eat them fresh but when they are abundant I look for creative ways to enjoy their yummy-ness.  The newsletter committee unanimously asked for a host of strawberry recipes in this edition.  Here is a variety of really easy and a little more time-consuming strawberry recipes...  

Summer Days –– Summer Treats from the Co-op
by Jean Hamilton

Our farmers are our summer heroes, bringing in...


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