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About This Newsletter

The problem of climate change weighs heavily on many people's minds these days. It can feel overwhelming. What is our response? What are we doing and what more can we do--as individuals and as a co-op-- to minimize our contributions to the suffering and destruction of  life on Earth?  Read on...

President's Letter
from Jean Hamilton

This past week, I had an opportunity to sit down with two Co-op members in a conversation about climate change.  Jan and Henry have supported and led countless initiatives to raise consciousness at the citizen, corporate, and policy level about the critical importance of acting NOW to mitigate the impending climate crisis. These kinds of conversations often feel scary and tragic to me, feelings that can lead me to avoid them altogether. But ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away and through this edition of the newsletter we are hoping to consider the climate and our community...

2018 Year End Report
Giordano Checchi, Treasurer

Compared to previous quaterly reports, the year end did not show a change of trend and we had to post a loss.  The events that changed the way our Co-op is being managed, starting around the end of 2017 throgh the whole of 2018 are now reflected in the end-of-year results... 

How our Co-op Combats Climate Change
By Rose London

Many of us have already taken steps in our personal lives to counteract the negative effects of climate change. Here at the Plainfield Co-op we are aware of how our choices impact not just our community, but others across a multitude of regional scales. I want to share what we are doing and working towards...

Paper & forests & climate change & you
adapted from NRDC.org report "The Issue with Tissue"

Tissue products such as toilet paper, paper towels, paper napkins. and facial tissue are cheap and convenient—but they cost the planet a great deal. The vast majority of the tissue products found in our homes are made from wood pulp, the use of which drives the degradation of forests around the world. Their everyday consumption facilitates a “tree-to-toilet pipeline,” whereby centuries-old trees are hewn from the ground, converted into tissue pulp, rolled into perforated sheets or stuffed into boxes, and flushed or thrown away. The consequences for Indigenous Peoples, treasured wildlife, and the global climate are devastating...

Greening the Newsletter--we need to hear from you!

Right now our quarterly newsletter is published in 3 versions:...

Manager’s Report
by Kevin Levesque

I think it’s safe to say this has been a long winter for all of us! However, our produce buyer, Anji, recently held a meeting with our local farms to better plan harvests in 2019. It was an amazing, humbling experience for myself, which I felt honored to be a part of. Attendees included Bob from Harvest Hill, Chris from Owl Hill, Kagen from Littlewood, and Ansel and Justin from Flywheel. Having a meeting like this has been a request from farmers over the years, but this was the first time it was pulled off!...

The Rewards of Working Membership
by Charlotte Domino, Membership Coordinator

Hey, members! The Co-op invites our working members to come in for a warming cup of free coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Working membership is when a member, (just like you!) comes in and helps out the Co-op for an hour or two a week. In exchange for being an amazing human being who is actively making your community a better place by supporting this local resource, you get a register discount, special order discount, Community Center rental discount, and a free hot bevvy...

Building Committee Report
by Mike Brosky

After taking a few months off over the holidays, the Building Committee has recently re-focused efforts in the backstock area of the store. Having completed the installation of a hand-washing sink last fall, attention has shifted to upgrading the produce preparation area. Original wooden counters, installed as part of an extensive remodeling project in 2011, have begun to show their age and are now in need of replacement...

Featured Products
by Kevin Levesque

Bien Fait – We have been adding more products from Bien Fait’s catalog – We now have Muffins, cakes, pies, and cookies being delivered fresh every week! We just added their bulk granola, Caspian Crunch, too. Also, 100% of their profits are donated to charities in the Greensboro, VT area...

Vermont Food Co-ops Support Local
(excerpt from an article by Kari Bradley, Hunger Mt. Co-op Manager)

Recently, I had the opportunity to testify for the House Agriculture Committee on the topic of how food co-ops support our state’s local food system. They wanted to hear from a co-op because of the recent great news from the 2018 Farm To Plate Annual Report: last year, $289 million or 12.9% of Vermont’s food and beverage sales were from local sources, an impressive increase from 5% in 2010. Moreover 15% of the total came through Vermont’s food co-ops which speaks to the significant role that co-ops play in our local food system...


Whole Meal Green Smoothie & Quick and Easy Collard Greens...

News From Upstairs
Plainfield Community Center and Art Gallery
by Alexis Smith, Curatrix

Plainfield Community Center Mission Statement
The Plainfield Community Center serves as a bridge to further the relationship between the Plainfield Co-op, its members and the larger community. It provides a community space and encourages diverse activities and events...


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