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Celebrating 50 Years

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President's Report
by Sarah Phillips

 For a while now, the Board has been sharing about the financial challenges of the Co-op with the member-owners and staff.  Here are a few of the headline numbers:

The annual operating budget for the Co-op is about $470,000.

Our target sales for our current store should be about $1,340,000. 

Over the last three years, our average sales have been $1,155,000.

We need about $175,000/year more in gross revenue to meet our budget...

2019 Annual Meeting Delivers Sober News
by Gail Falk

The member-owners who attended the Co-op’s 2019 Annual Meeting heard sober news about the Co-op’s financial struggles and staffing concerns...

June 8 Member Meeting
by Gail Falk

On a gorgeous June 8th afternoon, more than 50 Co-op members, young and old, filled the Plainfield Community Center to learn why the Co-op is in financial trouble and to bring the energy of their hearts and minds to creating a direction for the future...

Plainfield Coop Manager’s Report
Jean Hamilton

50 years! Not bad for a small grocery store in rural America.

I’ve only known the Plainfield Co-op for six of those years, but it has proven to be a centerpiece of my life. My daughter has grown up in the store. Friendships and neighborliness are strengthened by bump-ins in the aisles. The Co-op fuels everything from comfort meals alone to my biggest summer bbq’s. I can’t imagine life in Plainfield without this store and I want to express my sincere gratitude to EVERYONE who has kept this store alive for the past 50 years. It takes a village to muster this much vision, audacity, tenacity, patience, compassion, and celebration...

What’s Your Vision for the Future Co-op?
Gathered by Gail Falk

As the Co-op looks forward to its next 50 years, we asked several members what their vision for the future of the Co-op is.  We got a rich variety of answers.  As you read these visions, think about what your vision for the future is.  Email it to Jean Hamilton...


EDITORIAL: Fifty Years of More than Shopping
by Glenda Bissex

In 1968 my family moved to Plainfield and a few years later became involved with the pre-order Co-op operating out of members' homes and delivering bulk orders of non-perishables every month. Non-perishables included such items as snow shoes and wood stoves though grains and beans were the big sellers. The delivery system--from volunteers who drove their own trucks sometimes to Boston or even Georgia to pick up the bulk ordered items, to the volunteers who then broke down that big order by neighborhoods, to the members who drove to other members' homes to pick up their orders--was volunteer-intensive. Someone had to co-ordinate the whole operation, including making up the pre-order forms, tabulating them, collecting the money and paying the merchants. As I look back on it now, I'm quite amazed it worked...

Featured Products
by Kevin Levesque

Tex Mex Trail Mix, Zing Ales, Bien Fait Specialty Cakes, Grandy Oats Curry Cashews and more...

Burrowing into Our Days of Yore
by Charlotte Domino

Happy birthday, Co-op! It’s our 50th anniversary this year. That’s half a century! During this monumental year, I’m excited to look back on our accomplishments, changes, and hurdles that brought us to where we are today...  

Vintage Recipes
from Debra Stoleroff

These are two recipes from community members who, not in the distant past, didn’t need to have their surnames added.  The titles would have been Randy’s Chocolate Mousse and Dennis’ Onion Dill Pancakes.   But time marches on, our dear community members grow elderly or pass on.  Their names are substituted with current awesome people.  Fifty years of awesomeness. None to be forgotten. Their memories and recipes continue to fill our bellies...

“What’s Going on Upstairs?”
Plainfield Community Center and Gallery News
by Alexis Smith, Gallery Curatrix

The current new exhibit is again an annual show of more new works from Peter Schumann of the Bread and Puppet Theater: “Implementation - More of The Possibilitarian Uprising. “ And a snippet from this summer's new theme, “Diagonal Man Theory and Practice."  Our B&P summer season has begun with the museum open Friday nights and the classic Sunday Circuses, where you can find me hiding inside the old garbage man for my 33rd year. Museum tours start off the day at 1:00 pm on the grounds of the Bread and Puppet Theater in Glover, followed by side shows, the Circus with a full brass band, the Pageant, bread &aïoli and press, cheap art bus sales galore!...


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