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About this Newsletter

Wither the Plainfield Co-op? It depends on us. Onward! is our theme this issue. We hear it from the Board, the Treasurer, the managers. What have we succeeded in doing so far? What else do we need to do now? #1 is shop our Co-op...

Board Report
by Les Snow

2020! A new decade is here, and the Board members of your Co-op are filled with appreciation, anticipation and activity...

Treasurer's Report
by Giordano Checchi

This is the last Treasurer's report before the year ends, and I feel compelled to start drawing a few conclusions about 2019 and what to expect for 2020...

by Jean Hamilton, General Manager

2019 was a topsy-turvy year for many of us, including our dear little Co-op.  At the time of writing this newsletter we don’t yet have year-end numbers, but it is looking promising that we will end the year with a modest profit. YAHOOO!!!!!...

The Winter Struggle
by Kevin Levesque

It’s no surprise that the majority of our customers live near the Co-op. Even less surprising, is that many of our regular shoppers walk to us on a daily basis, if not more than once a day. Probably the least surprising fact though, is that our sales really drop in the winter...

The Newsletter Editor
by Gail Falk

Like many urban young people of her generation, Glenda Bissex used to dream of a home in the uncrowded beauty of Vermont. She and her husband Henry were school teachers living in Cambridge, MA in the sixties. Once while driving northward, they decided to turn off the highway onto a small road, eventually passing a little white house with fire engine red trim and a breath-taking view of Camels Hump and the Worcester Range. Out front was a For Sale sign...

Stories from the Co-op's Early Years (1971-75)
by Jim Higgins

Jim Higgins' stories are sometimes amusing, sometimes astonishing, sometimes heart-warming. He was part of the action at the Plainfield Co-op's beginnings, and is a superb storyteller.  If you remember any of the people and events Jim portrays, his stories will be nostalgic. If this is all news to you, the stories may be eye-opening. All of us involved with the Co-op may draw solace and inspiration from this history...

Stomach-Warming Winter Comfort Food
By Debra Stoleroff

I don’t know which I love more during the winter months -- being outside in the snow or inside cooking and eating comfort food by the woodstove.   I share with you three favorite recipes I regularly prepare on those inside days...


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