On Being a Working Member

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There are many different reasons you can become a working member at the Co-op, but here my top ten reasons:

Remembering John Wires

John Wires

“As best I understand John,” reflects George Springston, “he was always trying to have the big conversation about how we should live, …

Growth spurts are such a pain

The tempest created this summer by Hunger Mountain Co-op’s proposed expansion into Waterbury reminds me of a number of similarly-themed dust-ups during the Plainfield Co-op’s first five years, 1971-1975.

Board Report from 2009

Well it just keeps getting better! Major improvements in the store have begun, our dedicated and thoroughly community-minded staff is thriving, and our Co-op is looking and feeling better all the time.

Fall 2023 Supplement

Fall 2023 Supplement of Co-op Newsletter — Editor’s note, Contents, and an excerpt from the first Plainfield Co-op newsletter in Winter 1972-73.

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