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Board of Directors


President - Cat Klarich

Cat Klarich has been shopping at the Plainfield Co-op since moving to Maple Hill Rd. over 17 years ago. Cat grew up in Montpelier and shopped at the Hunger Mountain Co-op, way back when it was on Barre St! She remembers helping her mom and being rewarded with a carob- covered rice cake. 

After starting a family, Cat and her husband decided to move to the country to take on a fixer upper, dialing into this area in large part because of the Plainfield Co-op. Being able to buy good food locally was important to them.  

Cat is a country girl at heart. Her mom was raised on a farm in Hardwick, the youngest of 15 children!  Long before Cat was born, the farmhouse burned to the ground.  Decades later, the farmhouse and barn were rebuilt by Cat’s cousin. Their 50th family reunion was recently held in the new barn. 

“It might sound strange, but the way I feel about the farm is the same the way I feel about the Plainfield Co-op.  It offers a sense of belonging and community.” She insists there is no hidden carob-covered rice cake agenda. 

Cat keeps busy managing the family business, hanging out with her husband, and trying to keep up with their three kids. She has no spare time, but squeezes in motorcycle rides, Friday night dinners, and performing stand up comedy.


Vice President - Rose Paul

I've been a Plainfield Coop member for the past 30 years and I am committed to buying all our groceries at the coop. I firmly believe in the mission of the coop and I'm interested in helping to steer the coop in the direction that the members wish to go. I'm a good listener and I'm not coming in with big new ideas, but a willingness to volunteer on behalf of the coop community.

I retired last fall after 21 years as an ecologist at The Nature Conservancy in Vermont, a nonprofit conservation organization. I managed 20,000 acres of land, supervised staff, and managed budgets and grants. Some of you may know Chickering Bog Natural Area off Lightning Ridge Road in East Montpelier, one of the natural areas I managed. It has a nice walking trail and I encourage you to visit there! I'm also on the board of the Cross Vermont Trail Association https://www.crossvermont.org, a nonprofit working to build a 90-mile off-road trail from Burlington to Newbury.

I live about 1/2 mile from the coop. I've been an avid gardener for years and we keep a tiny flock of chickens. I grow apples and berries and put up a fair amount of food every year. I like to walk, hike, bicycle, cross country ski and be a naturalist-at-leisure. I like to cook and eat good food and I'm committed to the local food movement which the Coop helps to support.

Treasurer - Roseanne Scotta

Hi, my name is Roseanne Scotta. I have lived in Plainfield since 1990 and have
considered myself as “transplanted” in Vermont. It is here that I met my husband and we grew and raised our family, with our youngest child graduating from high school this June. We are homesteaders and run a perennial nursery. I am an educator at Maplehill School and a yoga instructor as well.
I was introduced to the idea of a co-operative grocery store and bulk foods in my
twenties and was thrilled to incorporate these “new” food concepts into my life. I
excitedly joined the Plainfield Co-Op when I settled here. Food is a vital part of the hub of a community and having a co-op that can support local food and farms and can maintain connection of the people brings strength to that community. I always knew that I wanted to serve on the board of our co-op one day and all of of sudden, that day has arrived.
So here I am, happy to participate in the continuation of the Plainfield Co-Operative
and hope to help see it grow in serving our community.

Secretary - Les Snow

I’ve been a member of our wonderful cooperative since 1989 and served on the board as treasurer from 2007 to 2013. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the board again.

My experience with cooperatives goes beyond Plainfield Food Co-op, in that I am a founding (1993) member-owner of Wellspring Land Cooperative in Marshfield where my wife (Lori Baker) and I live. In 2015 and 2016, I took the cooperative management graduate diploma classes at Saint Mary’s University. Though not specifically a cooperative, in 1989, I founded and managed the first independent community supported agriculture project in Vermont. A community effort in many ways. Most of my professional work has been in nonprofit management, most recently as program manager at a national organization based in Montpelier that provides emergency assistance to artists.

Liz Bicknell

Liz Bicknell moved to Plainfield in October 2019 and joined the Co-op on her second day of living in town. Originally from England and having lived in Italy as well as various parts of the USA (California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Vermont), Liz is a keen cook and locavore. She loves the Co-op and finds it a vital part of the town. Liz works remotely as the editorial director of Candlewick Press, a children's books press in Massachusetts that publishes Maisy, Waldo, Guess How Much I Love You, and much more. She has been on the Candlewick Press board for 23 years and previously served on a nonprofit community center board in San Diego, CA.


Shana Siegel

Hello. I came to Plainfield (and Vermont) in September 2019 to work with the Cooperative Development Institute, where I assist manufactured home communities to collectively purchase and run their communities as cooperatives. I quickly learned that Vermont has a ton of great stuff going on when it comes to local and cooperative-minded ventures, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that, in Vermont, even small towns like Plainfield have their own food co-ops! I want to do what I can to support the local co-op.

Prior to moving to Vermont, I lived in New York City for many years, where I worked in the academic and nonprofit sectors doing community organizing, research, and policy work. I also lived upstate New York for 6-7 years, first working as an academic, and then assisting the Board of a small nonprofit with general operations, and with planning, funding, and carrying out some infrastructure projects. I’m excited to meet more of my Plainfield neighbors and to help the Board of the Plainfield Food Cooperative in whatever work they need to undertake in the coming years.


Member Meeting Minutes


Upcoming Board Meeting Agenda

Link to the May 25, 2021 Board meeting agenda.

The agenda for the next board meeting will be available here a week before the meeting. Members are encouraged to participate in board meetings. There is a specific member input time at the beginning of each meeting. Members may also suggest agenda items by emailing the Board a week prior to the meeting at board@plainfieldcoop.com. While the COVID-19 pandemic meeting restrictions are enforced, the board is meeting via Zoom video. Board meetings are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of each month, from 6:00pm – 7:45 pm.

Board Meeting Minutes


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