Winter Quiche Recipe

Collected by Debra Stoleroff Quiche is one of the easiest and most satisfying foods to bake. Once you have a basic recipe for the custard, your choice of fillings is endless. It’s been so long I don’t know where I got the recipe. My favorite quiche custard recipe Optional: Blend the eggs, add the dairy, […]

General Manager’s Report

Stew veggies

by Jamie Lewis This will be the last article I write for the Co-op newsletter as I am moving on from my position as General Manager. I want to give you some information about the management transition process and what you might expect going forward. How Will the General Manager Role Look Going Forward? During […]

President’s Report

by Cat Klarich2022 marks the Plainfield Co-op’s 50th year in existence and what a year it has been! From bridge closures to supply chain issues, the Plainfield Co-op showed its resiliency and proved that this little store is truly a cornerstone in the village of Plainfield. Whether you are a member or a regular shopper, […]