Fall 2023 Supplement

The Plainfield Co-op Newsletter

The Plainfield Co-op Newsletter will change in appearance starting with the winter issue in January. We have been using a layout that is easier to read as a paper copy, but more labor-intensive and costly than the electronic version we are moving to. The electronic newsletter will be easier to read online and can still be printed out. For those who need them, paper copies will be available at the Co-op.

The Supplement you are receiving here is a trial of that new format so we can get feedback and resolve problems before publishing a full issue. Feedback can be sent to the editor, Glenda Bissex, at songboat@vtlink.net.

This Supplement includes seasonal recipes from past issues, a favorite Newsletter feature. It also contains a few articles—a little nostalgia tour—from past issues, starting with a snippet from the very first Plainfield Co-op Newsletter in 1972.

We thank Julia Wilk and Leah Tedesco for working with us to make this change possible; and Elizabeth Mathai, our layout and design editor, for the many hours she has devoted to this project.

The Newsletter Committee

  • Glenda Bissex, Editor, songboat@vtlink.net
  • Elizabeth Mathai, Design and Layout, elizabethmathai@yahoo.com 
  • Gail Falk, Staff Writer, gail.falk@gmail.com
  • Debra Stoleroff, Recipe Editor, debrastoleroff@protonmail.com

Fall 2023 Supplement – Full PDF

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