New Normal Co-op Hours

Doors Open:
Monday through Saturday:  9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
 Sunday:  10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Express Window for Six Items or Fewer

Curbside Pick-up   
Email orders to; or Phone: 454-8579

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Accepting cash, checks, debit, credit, and SNAP EBT cards
Important COVID 19 Announcement, Effective July 4, 2021
  • Masks are welcome and encouraged, but not required if fully vaccinated.
  • No social distancing or limit on number of customers in store.
  • Please continue to wash hands or hand sanitize before entering the inner store.
  • If you have any symptoms – coughing, sneezing, fever, difficulty breathing, loss of sense of smell - please do not enter.
  • The children's area and Community Center remain closed.

Members can save with our Special Order (SPO) service. These are some of the deals available, and the list is growing. If you are interested, ask a staff member for help or email


Check out the latest list of popular SPO items at:
Are You a Co-op Member “In Good Standing”
As you are reading the current monthly sales flier and looking at those great “member-only” discounts, are you sure you are eligible?  We hope so, or you aren't getting those discounts.

The Co-op Bylaws state:  Section 2.04. Membership Responsibilities. To maintain member status in good standing, members shall: (a) Keep current on required equity share purchases. (b) Keep this cooperative informed of any changes in name or current address. Members who wish to receive notifications by email shall keep the cooperative informed of any changes of email address. A member who becomes delinquent in meeting his or her equity share purchase obligation shall no longer be a member in good standing. His or her participation rights shall then be suspended. A member whose participation rights have been suspended shall be reinstated upon payment of all past due equity share payments.

If you aren't “in good standing,” not only are you not getting the member discounts, but you aren't eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting, or serve as a working member or Board or Committee member – which also earns you discounts.

Our Co-op Point of Sale system at the cash registers will identify your status every time you go to ring out your sales.  Our cashiers will always ask you if you wish to get caught up on your equity payments.  For most people, it's just a matter of paying the current year's $20 installment.  Occasionally, we find someone has missed an earlier year payment and needs to get caught up.

As our total membership equity fee is $180, once you've completed your installments, you never need pay dues again, and will remain “in good standing” going forward.

So, next time you're in the Co-op, please get caught up and take advantage of those great discounts.

Peter Youngbaer, General Manager

Our brand new reusable Plainfield Co-op large size grocery bags, featuring artwork by Co-op staffer, Fiona Winter.  Bags are just $5.00 each at the register.
St. Corona Fund
The Saint Corona Fund was established last year when the COVID 19 pandemic hit and the economy shut down.  We wanted to ensure that all our community members could still access healthy, local goods at the Co-op. 

This special gift card account is accessible to anyone who can't cover their shopping needs, up to $50.00.  It is good for anything in the store.  Just tell the cashier you'd like to use the St. Corona Fund when you check out.

One of the seven guiding co-operative principles is “Concern for Community.”  If you'd like to contribute, mail checks to the Plainfield Co-op, P.O. Box 266, Plainfield, VT  05667, or give your check or use your credit or debit card at the cash register.
As of June 30, we've provided over $10,600 of assistance, thanks to you.
Plainfield Community Center Gallery

Yes, the Community Center Gallery is closed for now, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some of the artwork that we have had there. We have created a virtual gallery online. There are slideshows and videos of past exhibitions and performances. Recently added is a video tour of the gallery. Go to the the Gallery webpage and enjoy!

Have questions about the Community Center Gallery? Contact the curatrix, Alexis Smith, at

Community Center
The Community Center is closed until further notice. 
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