lemon cake
Simple to make, no-bake and most delicious low fat dessert. It’s a great alternative to ice cream.
lentil soup
This soup is simple, easy and so tasty!
oats with fruits
When soaked overnight in milk, oats become tender and creamy.
Co-op Staff list, Board Members list, and Committee contacts.
we are hiring
Are you interested in contributing your leadership skills to a local community-owned business?
This is a special shout-out to Chris Thompson, Co-op Maintenance Coordinator, who got the generator running and ...
pic art 1
The exhibition is coming to an end! We want to thank all the participating artists for their beautiful artwork
Looking at some partially stocked shelves at the Co-op, I asked a staff member what the problem was. “Not enough people are buying,” I was told.
Mounds of slat on flats
One Staffer's Perspective -- So what, you might ask when you’re bored, is the difference among different salts and does it really matter?
light blue butterfly
Cooperation is a skill we’re not born with; it takes conscious and conscientious practice ...
thank you
We would like to thank Jezebel Crow for her dedication, hard work, blood, sweat and tears over the years.
Co-op during Solar Eclipse
We know it’s been weird. Uncertainty of a new location. New products on the shelf, old favorites missing from the shelf, and sometimes, just plain nothing on the shelf.
This report covers the financials for the first two months of 2024.
I am excited to report that on April 6, the Board signed the purchase agreement for our Co-op to acquire Plainfield Hardware and General Store.
Newsletter page on typewriter
From the Editor: Co-ops and caterpillars in the process of transformation seemed like the perfect theme for this Spring newsletter ...
Life cycle and metamorphosis of a butterfly from caterpillar
Contents of the Spring 2024 Plainfield Co-op Newsletter
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