Staff, Board, Committees – April 2024

  • Anji Domino: Lead Buyer of almost everything. See exceptions below.
  • Annie Reed: Floor Staff.
  • Brooke Deschamps: Floor Staff, Produce.
  • Chris Thompson: Maintenance, Building Committee.
  • Christine Austin: Floor Staff.
  • Dan Seigel: IT, Floor Staff, Office jobs.
  • Deb Barnwell: Buyer Bulk Herbs, Tea, Gifts, Artist in Residence.
  • Deb Bothfeld: Bulk and coffee Buyer, Floor Staff.
  • Eben Markova Gold: Bakery Buyer, Lead Floor Staff.
  • Dragon Domino: Floor Staff.
  • Jay Ekis: Floor Staff, Produce.
  • Leah Tedesco: Marketing and Membership, Community Center.
  • Marty Sealey: Produce, Floor Staff.
  • Rin Austin: Produce and Floor Staff.
  • Rosemond London: Receiving, Substitute.
  • Stanzi Scribner: Administration Manager.
  • TIm Llewelyn: Beer and Wine Buyer
  • Adrienne Allison: Substitute.
  • Margie Yoder: Substitute.

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