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Date:  03/19/24

Department: All Departments

Reports to:  Board of Directors

Status:  Full -Time, Hourly ; Non-exempt management position

Compensation: $22-$24/hr; Commensurate with demonstrated skills and experience

Please submit resume to; open until filled.


The Plainfield Food Co-op Store Manager will oversee the daily operations of the store in order to achieve the positive results and desirable impact of the co-op in alignment with the organizational mission. The Store Manager will actively supervise and coordinate the efforts of all staff in the execution of their job duties. The Store Manager will lead the team in providing prompt, welcoming customer service; keeping displays, coolers, and shelves fully stocked; and ensuring the presence of an effective store team during each shift. The Store Manager will provide exemplary leadership and coordination of the co-op staff while offering an engaging customer experience and maintaining a positive, ethical, and productive workplace that contributes to achieving measurable progress towards The Co-op’s Ends.


General Accountability

  • Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Store Manager will work towards achieving positive operating results that contribute to the cooperative Ends.
  • The Store Manager’s schedule will be based on the needs of the business.
  • The Store Manager will be attentive and responsive to the needs and concerns of members, customers, suppliers, staff, and community.


  • May Hire/Fire in accordance with co-op policy and in alignment with the current budget and operational requirements of the store.
  • Will provide ongoing input and feedback to staff in regard to meeting the required performance of their job duties, and is responsible for the timely evaluation and review of staff performance.
  • Will coordinate and provide for the successful training and onboarding of all co-op employees.
  • Following the guidelines set by the Board of Directors, the Store Manager will communicate, oversee, support, delegate, and direct the activities of other employees, volunteers, and team members, in relationship to their specific responsibilities as required to meet the needs of the business.



  1. Manage store operations effectively and profitably.
  2. Actively supervise and support store staff.
  3. Responsible for staff scheduling. Arrive on time to all scheduled shifts. Complete or oversee the completion of all opening, closing, and shift change responsibilities appropriate to each day and shift, in compliance with store policy and procedures. Supervise member-workers and floor staff while on shift.
  4. Abide by all Co-op policies and procedures as outlined in the Personnel Policies and Operating Policies and Procedures.
  5. Follow and ensure compliance with all health and safety practices and policies. Implement and maintain approved safety and sanitation programs that meet all Health Department and OSHA requirements. Ensure proper storage and labeling procedures.
  6. Consistently and positively promote member-ownership and owner benefits.
  7. Provide for training of staff on essential duties, including opening and closing procedures, health and safety requirements, customer service, general storekeeping, etc.
  8. Work with the Board of Directors to develop and implement approved budgets, sales objectives, and margins, leading to positive operating results. Review financial reports and take corrective action as needed.
  9. Oversee and coordinate the purchasing activities for all departments and Buyers. Establish procedures for sourcing and pricing to meet margin goals. Ensure accurate up-to-date records of product costs, pricing, labeling, and signage. Develop and maintain mutually beneficial local supplier relationships.
  10. Ensure prompt, friendly, courteous customer service. Model exceptional customer service skills and communicate expectations to staff.
  11. Merchandise effectively. Plan attractive displays with appropriate signage; ensure displays are fully stocked and rotated to support freshness and quality control. Identify the product mix to achieve sales/margin goals and to satisfy customer demand. Evaluate suppliers and investigate new sources of supply.
  12. Ensure staff is trained in process of checking in deliveries accurately and efficiently. Receive orders and/or ensure proper receiving by staff. Coordinate returns and credit from suppliers where applicable. Review invoices for accuracy and process for payment.
  13. Ensure that store is attractive, clean, and that all equipment is well-maintained.
  14. Hire qualified applicants as necessary following established policy. Conduct performance evaluations. Recommend pay increases within operations budget requirements. Take disciplinary action as needed following established policy.
  15. Organize regular and effective staff meetings.
  16. Develop practices and draft store operational policies in alignment with the co-op’s governing policies towards the effective management of the store as a business unit.
  17. Attend Board of Directors meetings as required.


  • Food retail experience required
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to maintain confidential information with professionalism.
  • Ability to model desirable leadership skills and professional conduct.
  • Ability to work independently within established guidelines.
  • Ability to give and receive feedback and to listen and react appropriately.
  • Ability to supervise others effectively. Preference for previous supervisory experience.
  • Excellent customer service skills; friendly, cooperative, tactful, and courteous.
  • Regular, predictable attendance
  • Basic computer skills including Excel.
  • Experience with payroll and/or payroll processing software.
  • Good time-management skills.
  • Active listening skills.
  • Ability to work some nights and weekends.
  • Able to be contacted outside of store hours by voice communication and responsive to communication.
  • Ability to participate in Board meetings, remotely or in person.


  • Previous managerial or supervisory experience preferred.
  • Creative merchandising skills or experience.
  • Passion for quality food and familiarity with natural foods.
  • Experience developing systems and procedures.
  • Ability to exercise diplomacy and deal effectively with conflict resolution.
  • Ability to prioritize effectively.
  • Ability to handle multiple demands.
  • Ability to work well with others in a cooperative environment where teamwork is a constant.
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion; a personal approach that values the individual and respects differences of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and socioeconomic circumstance.
  • Commitment to cooperative values and principles.




This position has access to confidential information that pertains to the business. It is expected that this information will be shared only as necessary, with discretion and as appropriate, in accordance with the functions of the position and all applicable laws, policies, and procedures.

Physical Demands:

Physical ability to meet the needs of regular and predictable attendance. Essential work duties may place physical demands on employee consistent with preparing and offering product in a retail food service environment, including freezers and coolers.

  • Frequently lift and move up to 25 lbs. throughout shift.
  • Frequently move about store to access groceries and supplies. Constantly positions self to move items (reaching, bending, etc.).
  • Regularly ascend and descend step stools. Regularly ascend and descend stairs to move between floors.
  • Frequently be in movement, including upright at register, with appropriate breaks.
  • Frequently handle small items with dexterity, including writing instruments, register, credit cards/machine, keyboards, computer mouse, scissors, stapler, cash, etc.

The Co-op provides reasonable accommodation to qualified employees with a disability.

Mathematical Skills:

Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals.  Ability to use measures for weight and volume.

Reasoning Ability:

Ability to apply deductive reasoning, collect data, establish facts, and solve practical problems.  Ability to deal with changing situations with multiple variables. Ability to apply concepts in practice and to predict probable results. Critical thinking and ability to achieve solutions through various approaches.

Education and Experience:

High School diploma, general education degree (GED), or equivalent.  Grocery retail, food service, agricultural, or related experience preferred.

The Board of Directors maintains the right to update and amend the Store Manager Job Description in accordance with co-op policy in order to meet the need of the business.

Position Details:

  • Cleaning, repair, and maintenance of the structure, compressors, electric, plumbing
  • Part time, 8-10 hours per week (but does vary)
  • On-call 24/7
  • Pay to be determined based on experience

Contact 802-793-7328 for more information.
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