Assuming the Co-op moves, one of the ideas being passed around regarding the Co-op building in Plainfield Village is to sell it to PACT
Once you have a basic recipe for the custard, your choice of fillings is endless.
naan with curry
Kaddu is an Indian dish which is traditionally made with stronger tasting pumpkin.
custard creme brulee
Custards correspond to “basic” clothing. Because they are so simple they give the widest scope for imaginatively chosen accessories.
apple cake
Andrea Serota's Apple Cake; reprinted from Fall 2010 issue
cranberry sauce in jars
From Andrea Serota; made with fresh ginger. Reprinted from Fall 2010 issue
Melissa always brings good food to potlucks. She recently brought this yummy, warm, winter appetizer to an event.
John Wires
"As best I understand John," reflects George Springston, "he was always trying to have the big conversation about how we should live, ...
checkout counter
There are many different reasons you can become a working member at the Co-op, but here my top ten reasons:
How are the Global Ends of the Plainfield Co-op beneficial for the environment?
Old fashioned vegetable store
Why We Carry One Damn Thing Instead of Another. Members and shoppers often wonder out loud ...
The tempest created this summer by Hunger Mountain Co-op’s proposed expansion into Waterbury reminds me of a number of similarly-themed dust-ups during the Plainfield Co-op’s first five years, 1971-1975.
Well it just keeps getting better! Major improvements in the store have begun, our dedicated and thoroughly community-minded staff is thriving, and our Co-op is looking and feeling better all the time.
Last fall the stars aligned for Blackbird Organics. ... Maggie Donin of the Vermont Land Trust learned that Kagen Dewey and Elise Magnant were looking for a farm ...
The verdant scene is a far cry from the “funky” riverside lot with a tar paper shack and junked cars on Lee Road ...