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From the Editor: The big news is that the Co-op now has an agreement with the Christiansens to ...
A lot has happened since our annual meeting vote in August to pursue purchase of Plainfield Hardware.
Our business could be described as having poor cash flow but a manageable amount of total debt. Improvements in monthly profitability are necessary.
Operations Manager's Report, Winter 2023. ... First Quarter 2024 has the potential to make or break the Co-op. So please do not forget us. Come to the store for ...
Jason Mallery and Joe John installing windows
On the horizon for 2024 is to continue with the painting project, which will include replacement of worn/broken clapboards as well as ...
Whizzo bagels
Making the chewy, golden bagels is an exacting two-day process.
Founded in 2000, Night Eagle Wilderness Adventures is a small primitive boys’ camp in Vermont that deliberately sets out to create ...
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Letter to the Editor, by Jezebel Crow. ... Villages need their little stores. It is integral to the character of rural Vermont.
beef stew
I rarely eat meat, especially red meat, but David Palmer’s beef stew was always hard to pass up.
potato latkes
When I got there Hannah was in the middle cooking potato latkes. She pulled one out of the pan, threw it onto a paper towel to soak up the grease and handed it to me.
This recipe makes delicious apple cider donuts without the grease!
One hundred ninety Co-op members held a decisive vote to pursue, if feasible, acquiring Plainfield Hardware.