Building Committee Update

by Mike Brosky

Jason Mallery and Joe John installing windows
Jason Mallery and Joe John installing windows

2023 has been a very active year for the Co-op Building Committee. Probably the single most impressive project was, of course, the painting of the main facade of the building, facing the parking lot. Building Committee member Jason Mallery, who is a lead-abatement specialist, offered to spearhead the project. Jason not only led the project — he was the driving force behind it, dedicating numerous sunny mornings to the tedious task of setting up staging, scraping paint and repairing clapboards. Thank you Jason!!! Work began in earnest in the May-June timeframe and was wrapped up for the season by mid-October, when all the painting that required scaffolding was completed. Around this time the rest of Committee came together on a Sunday morning in October to collaborate on the installation of 3 new second-story windows. The committee is hoping this goes a long way to improving comfortability in the Free Store space in the Community Center and in the stairwell.

On the horizon for 2024 is to continue with the painting project, which will include replacement of worn/broken clapboards as well as replacement of the first floor windows. The Committee expects this work to proceed at a faster pace since the staging will no longer be required and all the unpainted surfaces can be reached by ladder.

If you’re interested in joining the Committee please reach out to Mike Brosky at

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