A Note from the Backstock Room

by Anji Domino (for the Co-op staff)

Thanks! We know it’s been weird. Uncertainty of a new location. New products on the shelf, old favorites missing from the shelf, and sometimes, just plain nothing on the shelf. We know it’s been hard to find everything you are looking for at the Co-op. One big factor has been that our biggest distributor of organic goods has been bought by Amazon and has drastically changed how they work with our tiny, rural store. We have been scrambling to find similar offerings of high quality and affordable pricing, as prices are going up everywhere. I’m sure you’ve all noticed, anywhere you shop. Since we often cannot sample product before buying it for the store, there have been some fails, but we have also found some new favorites (we’re looking at you, Gator Tators), and re-established connections with old favorites (did you get your Local Donut on eclipse day?).

We can promise, it has been just as hard from the other side. We see it, too. We feel it, too. And we want to acknowledge and appreciate you. Yes, You! Thanks for sticking with us through thick and thin. There is hope on the horizon and it gets closer every day.

We really want to hear from you, so please find the Customer Communication Board located on the side of the drink cooler (by the kids’ area). Responses will be posted there, too. Thanks again for keeping your dollars local. Your shopping power increases our buying power! See you at the Co-op!

From the Editor: The conjunction of the cemetery, the lighted Co-op building and the dark but transient eclipse is food for thought at this point in the Co-op’s life story. Is an eclipse, like the caterpillar and butterfly, another metaphor for the Co-op’s life changes?

Co-op during Solar Eclipse
Co-op during the solar eclipse, April 8, 2024, from the nearby cemetery. Photo credit: Fred Pond

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