Storm Causes Power Outage in Village, but Co-op Staff Prevails!

by Rose Paul, Board President

This is a special shout-out to Chris Thompson, Co-op Maintenance Coordinator, who got the generator running and kept shoveling ahead of the continuous snowfall; and to Anji Domino who monitored the coolers and kept the groceries at safe temperatures during the power outage. Cashiers Dragon Domino and Marty Sealey used paper and pencil to record sales for ringing up later, and they did a bang up job of dusting and stocking shelves too.

The April 4 snowstorm that dumped a foot of snow in Central Vermont led to a power outage in Plainfield Village and beyond. The power went out about 2:00 pm and didn’t come back till mid-evening. While many of us were home tending to generators, not opening refrigerators, and heating water to wash dishes, our Co-op staff were on the job in a big way.

As Chris was shoveling snow outside the Co-op, a shopper was worried about how long the generator might have to run and who would keep the gas tank filled. Chris, with his characteristic brevity, replied “…slept here before….” and kept on shoveling.

Thank you Chris, Anji, Dragon and Marty! We were in good hands and we appreciate you!

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